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Meet Anna

How I Help Build and Heal 

Drawing from your Subconscious and Processing What is Important

Root causes of life patterns that don't  work are all caused by our "auto-piloting" subconscious mind.  This is made up of our genetics, environment, and belief systems.   We work on autopilot though our subconscious or unconscious mind the majority of our lives.  Every resulting action in our lives is then driven by those base fundamentals.  


We even memorize every object in a room every time we enter it, but aren't fully consciously aware.  This is an example of how our lower brain retains information.  I help to identify the things that create  ongoing distress or unwanted repeated behaviors, and resolve them quickly with minimal need for conversation for people who do not prefer talking as much, and less conversation with people who prefer not to. 

Since our spiritual bodies are also linked closely to our physical bodies, it can be difficult to gauge one's own spiritual health when there is a clear disconnect from the subconscious mind. This is what happens when a protective, subconscious method designed to keep us mentally safe actually puts us into detriment of not learning or growing in the way we were intended to.  

Not surprisingly, when we connect with a passed loved one, it is our higher self (Spiritual body), that connects with them, although at this time, there is an aligning of the higher self (conscious mind),  and shadow self (subconscious mind),  to create a divine and receptive "antenna."  

I help to align these things during my sessions with multiple tools, mostly conducted with my body, mind and intuition. 

 What to Expect

I work with your subconscious mind, and by spiritual means to process "stuck parts" that we all have, and need to clear out regularly.  Just like we need to maintain a house, car, yard, and plumbing system in our houses...our bodies and spirits are no exception.  

I lead you through a very personalized and comfortable process to find these stuck areas so that you can move on quickly to continue where you left off in many areas of life including love, career and finance, relationships in general, health, life choices and purpose.

I meet with you according to your comfort level (phone, video or in person), and will ask just a few questions, and begin receiving messages through higher intelligence with my "antenna." 

For one-on-one sessions, you can pick from the following:

  • Private guidance on how to identify, understand, and increase your unique extra-sensory abilities, which every person possesses. 

        (Intuition/Ability Assessment and Instruction).


  • Set goals and reach them by changing programming of your electromagnetic field through evaluating thoughts, beliefs, and even your home through Feng Shui practices, or other preferred modalities. You are in complete control of all your goals, and how you set them.         (Setting Goals with Field Programming).

  • Guided sessions directed by your guides, your own consciousness, and even passed loved ones to receive specific instructions on how to direct your life to your goals and questions, or to see how to increase the ones you have already reached. Sometimes all you need is one or two BIG questions answered to make the biggest shift in your life.

                         (Interpreter Revelation).                    

  • Feng Shui, Reiki, and manifesting technique guidance.        

  •   (Understanding Living Space to Field).           

Contact me to set up an exchange regarding your interest.  I will accept your enrollment or sessions as I can, according to whether or not I have openings or feel we are a good fit.  

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