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I am a Medium (interpreter), who works with quantum physics, auras, and your own energy as tools to provide answers, healing and guidance for any life circumstance-large or small. 

I do personal (and totally confidential)

one-on-one readings, ongoing goal-constructed therapy, reiki, and teach classes or individuals to discern in tuning into one's own personal intuition and extra-sensory abilities. 

I also host a TV and radio show with Moonstruck TV, A1R radio and 101.5FM The Beat. I take readings live with callers world-wide with earth's #1 psychic network.  

After working with large groups of people in various settings, I believe intuitive work is one of the most healing and fundamental processes of the human spirit. I also believe this yields the most accelerated growth emotionally.


  • Graduate-Life coaching trainings, MITT,  Los Angeles

  • Certified under HarvardX and Professor Alyssa Goodman (Wheeler Willson Professor of Applied Astronomy -Harvard University) in PredictionX-Omens, Oracles, and Prophecies

  • Staffed numerous leadership trainings for adults and teens from Monterey to Los Angeles, and team was awarded the Diamond award from MITT for work through Torch Trainings, Los Angeles.

  • Trained under Dr. Aryceli Platerotti through Wendy Dahl under the Evolvere chakra therapy practice.

  • Trained and attuned by Master Reiki practitioners at Stanford University.

  •  Numerous confirmed readings for several years while answering many questions for those who needed closure, validation, and guidance in all areas of their life paths. 

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